The Show

 It’s time again for some intelligent, thought provoking satire in that old familiar sketch format. That’s what Christopher Robin Miller and his cohorts create when they whip up a new 


Chez Comedez.

It’s great live sketch comedy with musical acts and a few filmed sketches in between. 

Mr. Miller has always wanted to do sketch comedy.

 “I grew up watching Saturday Night Live. When I was in kindergarten in 1975,  I found myself enthralled with the brilliance of Gilda Radner, Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray and Chevy Chase. Then as the years progressed, I was blown away by Eddie Murphy, Joe Piscopo, Martin Short, Dana Carvey and Mike Myers. During those years, my sister thought that I was so funny. Years later, when she saw SNL in syndication, she said, “Hey! They’re doing my brother’s material!” She didn’t realize that it was the other way around. I loved the Donny and Marie Show too, but I think SNL is what stuck… SNL and The Muppets!” 

- Christopher Robin Miller

In October 1996 -  3 guys and 3 gals took the stage and performed with style and characters the likes of which are more reminiscent of The Carol Burnette Show or Nichols & May than SNL. 

Just as impressive was the musical performance of the Greg Floor Quartet playing charts provided by Mr. Miller’s best friend, composer Jason Barber. Miller says, “I was so proud of that group. I wanted to keep going with them, but problems with the theatre management made it too costly to continue at the time.”

Then in 2001 - Chez Comedez returned with new blood. Mr. Miller had been working for the last three years with The Skinny Lincolns - an improvisational comedy troupe. 

Miller says “The show was great and the management was gracious and accommodating, but it still wasn’t the right venue to continue.” 

CUT TO 2015: 

Chez Comedez is revving up for a monthly taping with a live studio audience.“We’ll be taking highlights from the live taping and broadcasting on the internet here at

It’s gonna be the best one yet, and that’s saying a lot!”
-CMC Publications